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Unlock your potential
with Crosskey.

We are always looking for the best
talent - explore our open positions.

Every year, we improve, innovate and develop, creating cutting edge solutions to the industry’s most demanding and business critical challenges. Crosskey is growing – we need people who want to push boundaries of innovation and create next generation solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. We believe by putting people first, empower growth, invest in continuous learning we can deliver great results.

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Welcome to Åland,
wherever you are

At Crosskey, we design flexible, modular solutions for dynamic adaptation to our clients specific needs, ensuring growth and innovation for their business. With expertise spanning in capital markets, traditional banking to modern eBanking and payments, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to all aspects of the financial industry.

Crosskey is a subsidiary of Ålandsbanken, with offices in Mariehamn, Stockholm, Helsinki and Turku. Our customers span the Nordics and they include Ålandsbanken, S-Pankki, DNB and Marginalen Bank.


We thrive on transformation in commerce and work life driven by tech and societal shifts. Our aim is a flexible, supportive work culture that focuses on outcomes, whether you're remote or in our Åland, Sweden, or Finland offices. We know that everyone works best in different ways – and we go out of our way to support that.


At Crosskey, our tight-knit, supportive culture explains why colleagues stay long-term. We're an open, flat organization where every voice is valued, fostering a collaborative spirit that champions both individuality and shared success.


Banking is built on trust, and at Crosskey, we balance problem-solving with meticulous care. Our training and mentorship programs hone the skills needed for secure, reliable financial services. Join us to master the blend of technology and banking.


We're banking IT specialists, crafting solutions for specific financial sector needs and innovating for the future's global, tech-driven economy. Join us to lead this change.


Mariehamn, Turku,
Stockholm & Helsinki



Turnover (EUR)

Meet the people at Crosskey

At Crosskey, we value innovation, integrity, and a passion for redifining the future.

Meet Daniel Grunér,
Application Manager

Daniel started out as a trainee and progressed through Crosskey to become an Application Manager.

How does Crosskey support your professional growth and aspirations?

I started working as a trainee. After that, I worked as a developer while finishing my studies. Then full-time as a developer, until about 1.5 years ago when I started in a more managerial position. Crosskey is a great place to work for those who have internal drive, as the company does not have strict career paths like “you have to be in a role for so and so many years before you can advance.” Crosskey promotes my growth simply by encouraging it.

Meet Rebecca Nordenström, Project Manager

Rebecca transitioned from a business developer at Ålandsbanken to a Project Manager at Crosskey.

What's it like working at Crosskey?

What inspires me about working at Crosskey is that there is always that eagerness and hunger to develop and improve. There’s always loads to do, and people's calendars are busy - but there is always that willingness to help out and to move forward. The best word to describe the culture at Crosskey, is inclusive. Even though some topics might be too technical for me to grasp or outside my area, I always feel included in the conversation. Even if it might be a crash course on the topic during a meeting or sharing materials afterward, everyone is always happy to help and share knowledge or get me up to speed.

Meet Jenny Hjulfors,
Product Manager

Jenny has worked with us since 2008, starting out as a developer. Progressing through a term as an Application Manager. She now thrives as one of our Product Managers.

What inspires you about working at Crosskey?

What inspires me about working at Crosskey are my colleagues, who also are my friends. The mentality that there is always a solution and that I know there is no finger-pointing if I make a mistake. The variation of work is also an inspiration. Not one day or year looks the same. I will always learn something new. I have received opportunities for new challenges, and I have been brave enough to say yes. I have always felt that the managers have been listening when I want a new challenge.

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